Application Security Analysis

Complex security analysis with a full range of the most advanced technological tools
Test your platforms, applications, and services with the complete spectrum of the breakthrough technologies. With the most innovative tools and practices, we provide expert level comprehensive analyses of System architecture, Security requirements, and defect priority lists.

The guarantee a significant positive effect on immediate security response enhancement, development team competency improvements and further advancing of SSDL/DevSecOps practices.

We have the platform is a mobile application security testing Leveraging DAST and AI technologies our platform discovers vulnerabilities in mobile applications with maximum accuracy and enables seamless integration into software engineering lifecycle supporting DevSecOps process.

you have no idea how to start the Application Security initiative;

• you have no information on current application security level;

• you do not know what are the best automation tools for you;

• your peers do not share your concern about Application Security;


to define your Software development technological stack structure;

• to define you current Application security level and distinctive Software vulnerabilities;

• to define your intended DevSecOps tool stack;

• to define methodology and framework of applied SSDL practices;
As Software Security Assessment
experts we provide:
Architecture and System requirements analysis.
Open source component analysis.
Static Application Security Tests and Dynamic Application Security Tests.
Defect Management/
Backlog Export
False positive analysis, Evaluation of defect correlations.
Manual dynamic testing/ Source code critical sections, data processing functions and structuring analysis.