Application Security Strategy

Creating roadmap to continuous comprehensive assessment of the entire scope of technological and organizational processes
Creating a strategy starts with a thorough evaluation of the existing software development process whereas BSIMM (Building Security In Maturity Model) ensures quality security assessment of current practices and technology. Working together with our customers we build a step-by-step plan for achieving desired maturity level.

The Strategy helps you in setting goals and budgeting to ensure a steady growth and development. It also provides you with future vision and objectives as you advance further.

• you are not certain what are the best practices to choose from;

• you struggle to figure out how to implement these new practices to the existing process;

• you have no idea how much time it will take and how much this Application Security initiative will end up costing you.


• application Security Strategy implementation timeline;

• technological stack concept;

• secure Application Development policy;

• Information Security requirement checklist;

• Budget and resource assessment.

Offering successful strategies in Applications Security we provide:
Maturity level assessment.
Architecture and SSDL practices analysis.
Individually tailored Application Security Strategy roadmap.
Stack and engineering tools build up.
Budget, recourse, and operations management.